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Purchase Order Financing is a short-term working capital solution that provides companies immediate access to capital to
fulfill orders and contracts. It serves as the source of incremental capital companies need when facing cash flow
challenges created by a lack of working capital, supplier credit or access to more traditional bank financing.

Target Clients

  • Rapid Sales Growth
  • Start ups with management experience
  • Undercapitalized
  • Cash flow constrained
  • Undergoing a recapitalization
  • Seasonal Sales
  • Contract driven sales
  • Lack of supplier credit
  • Executing a turnaround restructuring
  • In workout or remedial asset group

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Key Benefits

  • Increases capacity to finance large orders resulting from growth and seasonality.

  • Supplements cash flow by funding up to 100% of the costs to fulfill orders and contracts.

  • Provides an immediate working capital solution within a matter of days.

  • Offers an alternative to raising permanent equity capital.

  • Instills confidence in companies to focus on growing sales knowing they have the capital needed to fulfill them.

  • Builds credit and enhances price and terms negotiations with suppliers.

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