TradeCap Partners Purchase Order Financing provides solutions to importers, exporters, distributors, resellers and domestic manufacturers experiencing cash constraints as a result of rapid growth, seasonality, undercapitalization or turnaround restructuring. TradeCap’s Purchase Order Financing can be used to pay for 100% of the direct cost of presold goods including logistics, duties, labor and overhead. Financing can be structured in the form of cash, credit and commercial letters of credit.

  • Finished Goods Financing

    To pay for presold goods and inventory purchased from domestic and overseas suppliers.

  • Production Financing

    To support domestic manufacturers sourcing of raw materials and payment of direct manufacturing labor and overhead costs

  • Government Contract Financing

    To acquire and manufacture supplies and equipment for domestic and foreign governments.

  • Reseller Financing

    To purchase technology hardware and software from original equipment manufacturers and authorized distributors to be sold by value added distributors.

  • Project Financing

    To complete the mobilization, delivery and installation of equipment, materials or goods as part of an ongoing, larger project.

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